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Curtis Parfitt-Ford

full stack web developer from london

Curtis Parfitt-Ford

Heya, I'm Curtis! I'm a full stack freelance developer living in London. Marketing people tell me I "build web and desktop solutions which innovate and inspire". I say I make beautiful, responsive, adaptive and modern applications that interface with the web, the user, and the world around them.

I've over 5 years' experience in web development, and 3 as a freelance developer, working with clients ranging from multinational corporations to corner stores and gaming communities.

Not sure if your business needs a website, or what it would do or look like? Let's have a chat! Together, we can build something fantastic.




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Custom development

I build solutions that just work. No matter what your level of technical expertise, or your platform of choice.

Responsive design

Stuff I make works across desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, fridges and basically anything else you throw at it.

Desktop solutions

Targeting laptops or desktops? Aim higher. I build desktop software that interfaces with the web and the world around it.

Constant contact

No matter what your project, I work with you to make it great. Communication is central to my work.


My clients

Marion Dunn Counselling mariondunncounselling.co.uk
web design

It was a joy to work with Curtis. He was very responsive grasping what I wanted very quickly and totally amenable to making many changes as I changed my mind frequently. I am delighted with my new website and feel very secure that I still have Curtis to help me out should I need it.

Team Spectrum team-spectrum.co.uk
web design

Curtis has been a fantastic individual to work with. From first speaking with him, he's not only advised me on which options are best for my website (both financially and functionally) but he's supplied me with invaluable guidance on how to use my website to the best of its ability. I know I've found my go-to developer.

TFV London tfvlondon.co.uk
web & desktop development & design

We had Curtis design us a website and the end result was absolutely brilliant, although the best thing is that he is very flexible and easy to communicate with so there was zero issues when building a beautiful and fully working website. Will be using his services again!

Black Tie Maids blacktiemaid.com
web development & design

I hired Curtis to fix a broken website, and despite my site needing to be rebuilt from scratch the cost was less than I expected. Curtis took a basic idea and walked me through all of the decisions to complete a beautiful and functional site. I'll be coming back for all of my future website building needs.

NWI Roofing and Construction
web development & design

I had Curtis design me a website for my company. He was always very easy to communicate with, and that matters a lot to me. Then, he designed the site, which looks fantastic, he edited every way I asked him to. It was a very smooth and painless transaction. I will be using his services again.

Tense Watch tensewatch.com
web development

Curtis was crucial and offered much needed help in a number of Wordpress and ecom site feature additions, finding the best solutions to some quirky code from our previous developer. He was readily available to answer questions and help at odd hours of the day, working with our schedule.


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A quick, hacky demo site to play all of a user's Vine loops at the same time. Originally built in response to a Jacksfilms video on YouTube, where he called for someone to make a site that plays all of a person's Vine loops at the same time.




Young people supporting Britain remaining in the European Union.




ourFuture fights for young people across the UK to be fairly represented in decisions that affect them. The core values of ourFuture can be summarised by e³: Effective representation, equality for all, and ensuring a bright future.




Dashday is a project designed to print a wonderful summary of your day ahead on any thermal or dot matrix printer (receipt printer to those uninitiated) that supports the Epson standard ESC/POS.




StoXX is the stock management system for the masses. This was created as a high school project, so it's a bit messy. Bear with it!

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